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Our positione at: VINEXPO' 2011

STAND E 140-145


Italian Wine, Patrimony of Humanity at Vinexpo 2011 in Bordeaux: Marco Capitoni’s Frasi among the wines selected.

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Vinitaly 2011

We wait for you at Vinitaly fair in Verona
hall 8 Toscana stand A13
to taste toghete:
"Orcia" doc 2008
"Frasi" Orcia doc 2007

2010 Vintage

… And finally a sigh of relief, our grapes are in the cellar.
Harvesting Sangiovese in late October is a lovely experience, almost a way of re-experiencing the past. But what anxiety we have gone through, the tension which built up as the days passed and the countdown to the harvest began, one more trip to inspect the vineyard rows and check the grapes, one eye cocked towards the weather forecast and the other towards the laboratory analysis of the grapes we have sampled. Then the days of fine weather for the picking and now we are relaxed, serene, happy to have another lovely harvest in the cellar.

Transmission from "Radio Vigna" : it’s incredibly hot!!!

The heat arrived a few weeks later but now we are almost nostalgic for all that rain in spring.
Only the vines aren’t complaining. The shoots we trained have spread over the row structures and now we can see luxuriant green espaliers. Thanks to the snows in winter and the rain in recent months, the roots have plenty of moisture.
We hope this favourable combination of high temperatures and cool soil will help the plants make up for the delay in foliage development accumulated over such a long winter.

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veduta della cittą di Pienza
le colline della Val d'Orcia
la cantina
 panoramica della Val d'Orcia
Particolare della Pieve di Corsignano
la Pieve di Corsignano


... our hands move carefully among the green leaves to position the shoots.
Our arms seem to join with other arms: the vineshoots.
And our faces are always looking up to see if it is raining or fine
We suffer so much in bad years, perhaps just as much in good years
Because then it is all down to us... Marco Capitoni
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